“Everything you want is out there waiting for you to ask. Everything you want also wants you. But you have to take action to get it.” – Jules Renard

I firmly believe that no matter how busy our life gets, we always manage to find some time to do something we like, something that arouses our interest. It is not that hard to get up 20 mins before the usual time, or to squeeze ten minutes between lunch or even make a five minutes pause during our daily tasks to reflect or produce something (although focusing for a higher period of time in just one task is far more productive).

When we develop a clear vision of what we want and know deep inside why we desire it, the feeling of moving in its direction guided by our inner purpose is as fulfilling as finally achieving it. If we visualize our goal and focus on the positive emotions and feelings it will bring us when we achieve it instead of the work yet to be done, we feel motivated to act. We enter in a high energy state and longs for taking action.

It is said that the energy you need to start moving an object from inertia is higher than the energy necessary to move it once it is already in movement. So is our flow of action. We first have to invest more energy to do something different, perhaps create a new habit. After the first movement, the worst has passed. As we continue taking action it gets easier, it becomes natural. We start creating momentum.

Personally, I believe that success comes from consistency. It does not mind if we are moving fast or slow, as long as we are moving towards what we want. We develop the habit of, each day, consistently take action and move forward.

Keeping this in mind, I always start my day demonstrating gratitude for at least three things life has already blessed me, the moment I wake up. After that I like to visualize
myself realizing my dreams in a mental movie, and I embody all the phenomenal feelings it brings to me.

My daily success plan will be to add 2 pomodoro sessions after this visualization process, where I will focus on important things related to becoming a coach everyday.
Sometimes it will be learning a new skill, other times marketing, creating content, etc.
I chose this way to support my freedom lifestyle because it has location flexibility, will make me always go outside my comfort zone and improve myself in order to achieve
fulfillment in areas of my life I feel are not as developed as others and will allow me to share with my clients their joy of bringing their dreams into reality.

Since I always was a morning person, always felt more focused and productive right after waking up, I feel this is the best time to invest my energy towards realizing my
freedom plan – waking up an hour earlier to turn my dream into a reality.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 5