“The vision must be followed by the venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps – we must step up the stairs.” – Vance Havner

I always liked to get up early. Waking up when it is still dark to focus on my dreams brings me a sense of purpose, freedom and well being that I can’t describe. Is there a better feeling than the satisfaction of creating the life you envisioned, taking actions according to your values, according to what is important to you?
Visualizing your goals, evoking the emotions you will feel the moment you achieve it, and remembering this everyday while you make a step into this direction (even a tiny step) already makes you experience those same feelings throughout the journey. This is the reason why I always keep some time in my morning routine to contemplate what I want to achieve, why I want to achieve it and how it is going to make me feel.

My perfect day looks like this:

I get up at 5am excited to continue bringing my ideal visions to life. First thing, I demonstrate gratitude for at least three things that life has already blessed me with. Doing it makes me feel joyful, abundant and ready to start giving something back to the world.

Next, I take some time (still in bed) to run a
bright and detailed internal movie in my head of myself achieving my dreams. I imagine the sounds in the colorful movie, the physical sensations, the smells and incorporate the emotions and good feelings generated by this visualization into my body.

Following that, I set the intention to start my day moving the energy inside my body. I imagine myself doing a short, but sharply focused yoga session (about 10 mins)  to start breathing more consciously and increase the feeling of embodyment, and my actions follow the intention.

Right after that I start a quick meditation session (about 20 to 30 mins). I always feel more comfortable, grounded, and joyful after this refreshing and uplifting morning routine. By this time (it takes around 1 and a half hour to complete my morning routine) I’m already feeling really hungry too, so I enjoy a delicious and healthy breakfast.

My breakfast is a little bit unusual: my relatives always wondered how I can enjoy eating beef with eggs and chili in the morning. But I love it anyway! And for deserve, there is nothing more tasty than mixing oat (thin flakes, please!), chopped banana, a tea spoon of cocoa powder, a soap spoon of honey, another generous spoon of sugar free peanut butter and a serving of chocolate whey protein powder. Delicious!

Then I like to leverage some time while I’m digesting the food to incorporate an inspiring reading or listening to an audiobook for about 30 minutes, accompanied by a cup of black coffee without sugar.

And now I’m ready to lock myself in my room and start producing! I open the curtains, sit in my desk – it has a front view to the beach that inspires me. I enter in a flow state, in which I work totally focused in my coaching business. The happiness to be always learning something new, reinforcing the beliefs that led me to achieve good results, and the satisfaction to see my work bringing so much joy to the life of my clients that contemplates their dreams materializing in the world makes me so happy and deeply absorbed that I don’t even notice the morning passing. My lunch is a nutritious pre workout meal. A wide variety of vegetables, plenty of meat and some low glycemix index carbohidrates. Right after that I enjoy some leisure time.
I think it is healthy having a period of time to do whatever I feel up to in that moment, without planning at all. It could be nothing, it could be sneaking through the streets scaring strangers… no strings attached!

About 1 and a half hour after this incredible lunch (perhaps followed by another bowl of the phenomenal mixture as deserve described above), time to build up some muscles! Since it is my perfect day, nothing
more fair than training my favorite body part, right?!
Ta na na nam… CHEST!!! How cliche, isn’t it? Anyways, here it goes an intense session of tilt crush! I train with a group of friends in the gym, driven to the same goal of give their best in each training. And besides that, the positivity and support conveyed by the team during the workout puts the entire gym in a vibe of solid goal achievement mindset combined with good humor. When totally done, I take a proteic post workout shake and go to a little walk on the beach, enjoying this amazing sunny day. Finish the walk with a refreshing sea bath, and return to my house to eat the post workout meal and recover my crushed muscle fibers.

During the afternoon I take some time to learn things that excite me and actualize myself as a coach. It is a win-win: good for me, that invest time on things that I value, and good for my clients, that benefit from my new skills.

In the evening I meet some friends in a restaurants, we share good and healthy food, catch up about the week and start creating an amazing vibe. Following the dinner we go hunt, meet a lot of interesting new people, and everybody goes home accompanied by its hunting spoils 😛

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3